At FNS Law Group, we believe in fair and upfront pricing.
Our flat rate legal services ensure that you receive exceptional representation and predictable costs.

Criminal Defense

DUI / DWI$2950***
Traffic (Non-Subtance Abuse)$1,175
Protective Order / Peace Order Petitioner$1,550
Protective Order / Peace Order Respondent$1,550
Criminal (District Court)$1,950*
Criminal (Circuit Court, Bench Trial)Contact Us
Criminal (Circuit Court, Jury Trial)Contact Us

Family Law

Divorce (Uncontested)$2,275*
Contested Divorce / Custody / Asset ProtectionContact Us
Family Law Contempt / Child Support$2,275*


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy$1,495
Chapter 11 BankruptcyContact Us
Chapter 13 BankruptcyContact Us

Landlord, Tenant, and Real Estate

Failure to Pay Rent$195*
Tenant Holdover$575
Wrongful Detainer$575
Rent Escrow$975
Rental Lease (Residential)$125
Rental Lease (Commercial)$295**
Contract of Sale / Letter of Intent (Residential)$295
Contract of Sale (Commercial)$775**
Contract Review$625**
Contract Review (Vendors)$495**
Contract Draft$495**
Quitclaim Deed / Easement (Draft)$795
Quitclaim Deed / Easement (Draft and Record)$995
Breach of Lease (District Court)$1,095

Other Flat Rate Services

Estate – Simple Will$455
Litigation – Small Claims$1095