At FNS Law Group, we believe in fair and upfront pricing.
Our flat rate legal services ensure that you receive exceptional representation and predictable costs.

Criminal Defense Flat Rate Service Fees

DUI / DWI$2950***
Traffic (Non-Subtance Abuse)$1,175
Protective Order / Peace Order Petitioner$1,550
Protective Order / Peace Order Respondent$1,550
Criminal (District Court)$1,950*
Criminal (Circuit Court, Bench Trial)Contact Us
Criminal (Circuit Court, Jury Trial)Contact Us

Family Law Flat Rate Service Fees

Divorce (Uncontested)$2,275*
Contested Divorce / Custody / Asset ProtectionContact Us
Family Law Contempt / Child Support$2,275*

Bankruptcy Flat Rate Service Fees

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy$1,495
Chapter 11 BankruptcyContact Us
Chapter 13 BankruptcyContact Us

Landlord & Real Estate Flat Rate Service Fees

Failure to Pay Rent$195*
Tenant Holdover$575
Wrongful Detainer$575
Rent Escrow$975
Rental Lease (Residential)$125
Rental Lease (Commercial)$295**
Contract of Sale / Letter of Intent (Residential)$295
Contract of Sale (Commercial)$775**
Contract Review$625**
Contract Review (Vendors)$495**
Contract Draft$495**
Quitclaim Deed / Easement (Draft)$795
Quitclaim Deed / Easement (Draft and Record)$995
Breach of Lease (District Court)$1,095

Flat Rate Service Fees

Estate – Simple Will$455
Litigation – Small Claims$1095